Unlike other festivals, the Alloro Awards will not be handed out to filmmakers and actors. Instead, filmmakers and actors will be using their platform to present awards to real-life heroes of social and environmental justice. The 2022 Alloro Award Honourees are all people who have made a significant contribution in their field, whether through speaking out and taking principled or unpopular stands, advancing the cause of human and civil rights, advocating for environmental justice, empowering the disenfranchised, or bringing healthcare and education to those at risk of being forgotten.

The Alloro Awards, created by Italian artist Ippolita Rostagno, were presented on the 25th of June 2022. Conceived and conducted by artistic director Sol Costales Doulton.

For commitment to the disenfranchised

Alessandro Porro

Presented by Marisa Tomei

Human rights activist and president of SOS MEDITERRANEE, Alessandro Porro dedicates his life to the recognition of the disenfranchised. SOS MEDITERRANEE is a European humanitarian organisation that to date has rescued thousands of refugees from the Mediterranean. Alessandro himself has shown incredible heroism, risking his life on a weekly basis to save lives that, sadly, many deem worthless.


SOS MEDITERRANEE was created in 2015 by citizens to fill the void left when Mare Nostrum ceased operations in 2014. Mare Nostrum was a naval and air operation financed by the European Commission, which saved the lives of 150,000 migrants in the central Mediterranean. When Mare Nostrum came to a standstill, thousands of migrants were abandoned to their fate. Today, SOS MEDITERRANEE has become a European network of associations from Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland, coming together so that there are no more forgotten deaths at sea. They fight so that international maritime law and fundamental human rights are respected and they push the EU to re-establish a rescue mission in the Mediterranean.

For commitment to environmental justice

Soraya Hosni

Presented by Pawel Pawlikowski

Soraya Hosni is a Tunisian anthropologist, entrepreneur, climate change activist, and founder of Clever Harvest.


Soraya created Clever Harvest in 2021 as an organisation dedicated to finding technological solutions to the gaps in agricultural supply chains. Clever Harvest is an easy-to-use mobile app solution that coordinates the farming supply chain and enables traceable food production. Originally focused on olive oil, Clever Harvest now offers coordination solutions to the entire olive oil, coffee, cacao, and avocado supply chains to ensure the highest quality products in the market, defend farmer rights movements worldwide, and to control food waste. Soraya and her team work daily to show how agri-technology can increase food quality and traceability and contribute to putting farmers’ socio-economic destiny back into their own hands.

for Commitment to Inclusion

Regan Linton

Sponsored by The Adecco Group and presented by Alfre Woodard

Co-director of imperfect, Regan is an activist, actress, director, writer, and theatre artist from Denver, who lives with paraplegia. Regan has become a nationally-recognized advocate for inclusive practices in the arts and consistently works with national theatre, film, and television communities around engaging disabled artists. She is committed to re-envisioning disabled people through the lens of disability aesthetics. Her approach is honest and change-effecting, but also entertaining, humorous, and unpretentious.

for Commitment to Fraternity

Giuseppe Marchionna

Presented by Jeremy Irons

In 1991, Giuseppe Marchionna, the former mayor of Brindisi, Puglia, took the remarkable step of welcoming thousands of Albanian refugees – and did so against orders from the Italian government. Giuseppe’s determination to overcome obstacles and help, combined with the generous actions of the citizens of Brindisi, who opened their restaurants and bakeries in the middle of the night and brought these refugees into their homes, inspired this festival. We believe that rather than damning the government officials and their orders, we need to celebrate the best of us. Giuseppe and the people of the city demonstrated what we should all be doing in our own lives. On 26 March 2017, he was awarded the Honorary Citizenship by the City of Vlore (Albania) with the following motivation: “for having triggered and started the great race of solidarity and material support offered by the City of Brindisi to our fellow citizens during the great exodus of March 1991.”

for Commitment to Empowerment

Dr. Jacqueline Gautier

Fr. Rick Frechette

The St. Luke team of Haiti

Presented by Sinead Cusack

American-born priest and doctor Father Rick Frechette has dedicated his life to enriching the lives of the people of Haiti. He has succeeded for over forty years by doing what other NGOs refuse to do: trusting and empowering the people that they serve. In 1987 he moved to Haiti to build a home for orphaned and abandoned children, but after witnessing the enormous number of children dying from treatable illnesses, he realised that “these children needed a doctor more than they needed a priest” and thus enrolled in medical school in Miami, flying back to Haiti on weekends to work at the orphanage.

In 1993, Fr. Rick was joined by Dr Jacqueline Gautier, who graduated from the Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie, Port au Prince, Haiti and specialized in Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases. Together they transformed a hospice centre for dying children into St. Damien’s pediatric hospital for vulnerable children of Haiti. In 2005, she established the hospital’s HIV/AIDS department, which, cares for approximately 500 children who are receiving life-saving HIV therapy and also offers a program for pregnant women infected with HIV to prevent pediatric AIDS. Today St. Damien’s and its public health and community programs provide over 80,000 services to children and adults annually.

Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, Fr. Rick, and the St. Luke Team of Haiti have dedicated their lives to empowering, enriching and improving the conditions of life of the people in Haiti.